Excellent Estate Lawyer

Michael is very thorough and knowledgeable about estates, wills, trusts, etc. He spent so much time with use going over every detail of our wills. I felt very comfortable talking with him. He is very passionate about estate planning and I would recommend him to anyone.

Estate Work

My firm uses Michael to prepare estate documents for our clients. We like the fact that he is knowledgeable in his field, works hard for the right result, not just a result.

Personal / Professional Client

Michael has represented me both professionally and personally. I’ve found him to be excellent in both situations and have recommended him to my personal friends and my family. If he’s unsure of anything he’ll either find out or recommend someone who is familiar with that portion of the law. I’ve found him to be excellent character and will continue to recommend his services to everyone I know.

Ordinance Legal Assistance

I requested Mr. Burnett to assist me with a city ordinance violation regarding a mailbox. The problem from an outsiders view may seem simple but in reality, it was a very complicated and difficult legal issue. From the very beginning, Mr. Burnett was knowledgeable and professional. He know exactly what to do and how to best handle it. He was consistent and straight forward. He did an excellent job in communicating my side of the issue with the city authorities and negotiating a fair and just outcome. His fees were reasonable and he accomplished everything he told me he would do and more. I highly recommend his service.

Best Attorney I Have Ever Worked With!

I would definitely recommend Michael Burnett to anyone. He has wonderful character, and is very compassionate. Always on time and goes out of his way. He was very knowledgeable in the laws and courts. I was FINALLY able to get a divorce. I have tried with another attorney and had a horrible experience. I am very thankful he took my case.

Vice President Of A Corporation

Our company had been misrepresented in a binding contract and Mr. Burnett cleared our company name and got the responsible party to correct the situation.

Happy Guy – Alimony Free

Michael Burnett saved me thousands of dollars by being part of the team that represented me in an alimony appeal case – that we won. Very professional & knowledgeable of my rights and what was best for me in my situation. If you need legal advice on your divorce / family matters, this should be your lawyer. A very pleased client.

Case Well Handled

Thanks for the attention and quick resolution regarding the legal issues of my new company. Good communication, in depth knowledge and well mannered lawyer. Highly recommended.

Very Happy Client Of Michael S. Burnett

Michael is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about case law. He knows the proper steps to get you the best judgement possible. I am very fortunate to have Michael as my attorney to handle my case.